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Relaxing Walk around Llyn Idwal, Snowdonia

Relaxing Walk around Llyn Idwal, Snowdonia -

With high winds and rain forecast I’m staying low, so join me on a relaxing low level walk around one of my favorite lakes, Llyn Idwal in the Ogwen Valley, Snowdonia.  

Llyn Idwal route map

You can print and copy and download the GPS track form the ViewRanger website

Devils Kitchen

During the editing process, I was sent a link on the origin of the name “the Devil’s Kitchen”. Apparently in olden times, after rain steam could be seen escaping the dark gully in the cliffs above Llyn Idwal. The gully appeared like a chimney and the steam was believed to be sinister and was a result of the Devil cooking in his kitchen.

It’s not something I’ve seen myself but I can imagine how the dark imposing cliffs could be thought of as sinister



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