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Film Production

Film Production

Our professional tried and tested process to get you the best results.

1. Pre-production – Development, planning & preparation

Right now you’ll have an idea. It may be a fully formed vision on what you want the video to say, the objectives and the target audience or it maybe an idea that need developing a bit more. With your brand values, goals and target audience in mind we’ll begin turning that idea into a plan to create impactful video content.

2. Production – Development, planning

Our skilled team arrive on location and start to bring your video to life. We follow the plans created in the pre-production stage and we’ll deal with all aspects of production, taking the weight off your shoulders. Using our equipment and knowledge we’ll bring your idea to life.

We have the equipment, knowledge and passion to bring your all-important idea to life.

3. Post-production – Editing and sound design

This is where all the pieces of the puzzle come together. Your video is editing together with some crucial finishing touches such as brand identities, pace, call to actions and sound design to make sure your video is impactful and achieves the objectives set out in the pre-production stage

Like one big puzzle, our creative and dedicated editing team will piece together your video while adding some crucial finishing touches. We offer full video-editing, colour grading 2D animation and bespoke sound design to make sure your video is cinematic, impactful and achieves the objectives set out during the pre-production stage.

4. Distribution – Video strategy

Unlike other video production companies, we don’t email you a Dropbox link when the project is finished and leave you to get on with it. Your video need to be viewed to meet it’s objectives. We can help you upload and distribute your content across the internet and social media channels. We can create additional content to drive traffic and create a video content strategy to maximise the impact of video in your business.

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