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Booking a session with us could not be easier. Simply choose a category (i.e. Lake District, Peak District etc) and a date to see what is available and then follow the onscreen instructions. You can also view more information about the activity and view some pictures.

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Looking for a date not listed on the website or want to do something a bit different?

Use the form below to select an activity, a location and book a date that suits you!

Flexible dates are listings where you can select a day that suits you. This is a more bespoke arrangement so costs a bit more but it’s a more focused experience for you.

Group Events happen on arranged dates throughout the year. You still get a focused learning experience but with a few more in the group to share the cost.

Private bookings are you and a qualified ML. The price includes a pre-event virtual meeting where we’ll have a chat to understand your objectives of our time together and you’re welcome to bring a friend or two on the day.

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