Mental Health Walk – All things will run their course


Mental Health Walk – All things will run their course

The other day I was doing a reccy of a route in Dovedale for a mental health walk I’m planning.

Mental Health Walk - All things will run their course -
The valley formed by a river that is no longer there

I was in this valley thinking how it was carved out by a river that is no longer there. The valley I’d just left had a raging river that, like most rivers, is unstoppable. You can’t dam it, it will flood the valley, the only thing you can do is let it run its course.

But yet this side valley was dry. And it made me think about how fleeting things are in the grand scheme of things.

For millennia a river flowed here, a never-ending torrent of water, gouging out the rock to create a valley, carrying all kinds of crap and debris with it, slowly destroying the things closest to it. It was so destructive it’s literally left its mark on the landscape.

Then one day something changed and the river stopped flowing.

Just. Like. That

Maybe it went underground, or maybe the source dried up.

And life’s problems are like that. At the time they seem destructive and unstoppable, but they will run their course.

One day the raging torrent will stop and be replaced by a trickle.

The route I was checking out was for a guided mental health walk in the Peak District.

Dovedale is a great place to unwind

Mental Health Walk - All things will run their course -

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