The best way to Climb Snowdon – 6 Routes to the top

Snowdon, the tallest mountain in Wales, is a popular peak walk up and most people will go up the Llanberis path, but is this the best way to Climb Snowdon?

In total there are 6 paths you can take to climb up Snowdon, some are better than others. Here we’ll take a look at the options and a give you a break down of each route.


6 ways to climb Snowdon

Yes and no, it depends on quite a few factors such as your fitness level, the weather and which route you take to climb Snowdon. If you are reasonably fit it shouldn’t be too hard to walk to the summit of Snowdon. 

Generally, it takes about 5-6 hours to get up and down Snowdon. Some people can do it in less, some will take longer. It’s a good days worth of walking. 

I’m going to say yes with a caveat. Make sure you have ample clothes, food and water for your group and take waterproofs even in summer. 

There is no charge to climb Snowdon but you will probably have to pay for parking.

The 6 best routes to climb Snowdon

Climb Snowdon via the Llanberis Path

This is the most popular route up and down Snowdon & it’s the least difficult. You start in Llanberis by the snowdon railway station. The tarmac road out of the village is probably the steepest section you’ll climb on this route. At the top of the road take a left onto the Llanberis path.

This path will take you to the Sumit of Snowdon and it’s well trodden so you shouldn’t get lost in good weather. Always take a map and compass just incase the weather changes.



  • Extremely busy
  • It’s to longest route (but the least steep)
  • Often used by large events

Snowdon via the Watkins Path

Named after Sir Edward Watkin, Liberal Member of Parliament who had a summer house near the start of the path. I find this path quite picturesque and the most interesting scenery


  • Toughest route as it has the most elevation gain
  • You will definitely have earned the “I climbed Snowdon” badge
  • Interesting and varied scenery
  • Can be turned into a circular walk to avoid descending the steep final section


  • Limited parking
  • The path towards the top isn’t great and not a great way down either
  • Steep and hard final section really adds to the challenge

Snowdon away from the crowds on the Rhyd-Ddu Path


  • One of the quietest paths on Snowdon
  • Chance to see a different side of Snowdon that most people don’t see.
  • Can be combined with other routes to make a circular walk (to the north of south)
  • Great views of the Nantlle valley and Nantlle ridge


  • Limited parking
  • Can be a bit lonely on quiet days (although this could be a plus)

Snowdon Ranger Path – The quieter way to climb Snowdon


  • A quiet path to the summit of Snowdon
  • Starts at the YHA for accommodation
  • Easy to follow path
  • Great views of Nantlle ridge


  • Not as varied or dramatic as some of the other routes
  • Limited parking

Snowdon Summit by going up PYG track


  • Amazing views
  • Shortest way to the top
  • Can be combined with the Miners path or Llanberis path
  • The landscape is stunning


  • Can be very busy, particularly on weekends
  • Parking at Pen-Y-Pass can be impossible and expensive (park and ride is a better alternative)

The Miners track to the summit of snowdon


  • Flatter first half than the PYG track (but steeper last half)
  • Can be combined with the PYG path or Llanberis path
  • The views on a good day are amazing
  • Easy to follow path


  • Can be very busy, particularly on weekends
  • Parking at Pen-Y-Pass can be impossible and expensive (park and ride is a better alternative)

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